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As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Jeannine is more than a licensed real estate agent capable of helping Homeowners through a Short Sale. CDPE Members are committed to understanding and providing foreclosure avoidance solutions to Homeowners facing financial hardship. It is Jeannine's personal goal to bring the best solution to each individual Homeowner.

Why a CDPE agent?

CDPE agents have access to industry updates on how to effectively serve Homeowners in distress. We are the first to know about new programs or policy changes that directly affect the Homeowners we serve.

Between the exclusive market information and the CDPE network of agent communication, Jeannine can offer you the most relevant and effective solutions. This is how you know you are getting the best in the industry!

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This week I had the pleasure (and total surprise) of being listed on RE/MAX Rankings September 2014 Issue in Top 50 Individuals-By Commissions. Out of 20+ agents in my office, Iwas one of 8 to be listed.

This is an honor that I could not have accomplished alone. There are many wonderful individuals I work with, that have contributed. I look forward to helping many more families find their perfect home! 



Whether your realtor is taking pictures of your home, or you are getting it ready for an open house, you will want your house to look its best. You should already have made a list of repairs that need to be made. If you have any questions about those repairs, consult with your realtor, who can likely point you in the right direction.

This is just a quick and easy list of things you can do to boost your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is the view of your house from the street. It is very often the first impression for potential buyers, whether they are viewing your house online or in person. You don’t have to rack up a hefty repair bill as many of these tips include simple cleaning and de-cluttering.

Exterior (front and back)

     Lawn/garden - mow, trim, weed, water, pick up.

     Pet areas - clean up, re-sod spots as needed.

     Extra vehicles -remove from curb view.

     Walks and driveway -sweep and remove stains.

     Doors and windows –repair or remove screens, glass and door hardware.

     Siding –repair, paint or clean as needed

     Fences –repair, paint or clean as needed.

     Sidewalks and driveway –repair or clean as needed.

     Lawn areas -remove any distracting decorations.

     Add a large plant, wreath or doormat at entrance.

     Add potted or hanging flowers to deck or porch.



To ensure the best photos or showing of your house can often be accomplished with nothing more than hot water, soap and good ol' fashioned elbow grease. The desire to show your home at its finest should encourage you to look at it with a critical eye. Take a step back and view each room for a minute. What is the first thing that catches your eye? Is it impressive or distracting? Does it sparkle, gleam and shine? Or does it show signs of distress?

For many families, the kitchen is the center of the home. Today we share a list of things you can do to better prepare your Kitchen and Basement/Garage.


•Counters-clear extra appliances, accessories, etc.

•Memo areas-straighten and remove papers

•Vents/exhaust hoods-clean and deodorize

•Appliances-clean thoroughly

•Garbage/produce areas-clean and deodorize

•Faucets-repair leaks

•Wall and ceiling cracks-patch and paint

•Add a new throw rug

•Add green or flowering plant


•Tool/shop/laundry areas-straighten

•Rec room-straighten play areas, store extra toys

•Garage-store lawn/garden tools and equipment

•Floors-sweep, clean grease spots

•Walls and ceilings-remove cobwebs

•Pet areas-clean thoroughly and deodorize

•Appliances-be sure furnace, water heater, etc. are in working order

•Pipes, laundry connections-check and make repairs as needed

•Walls and floors-consider spray painting and throw rugs

•Arrange laundry supplies to suggest ease of work

•Arrange games in play areas


Happy Showing!

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Let my experience work for you


With not just realty sales under my belt, I have experience in dealings with people fom a wide variety of backgrounds and businesses. The process of helping someone purchase a home is not just a 'deal' that ends when they sign the papers. Selling a home is a very personal ordeal for me. I am fully involved in every step of the process from finding out what you really want in a home, to making sure you are happy and settled in your new home. Let me use my experience and skills to help you find a home that rivals your dreams.





Slipping toward foreclosure can lead to feeligs of anxiety, depression and loss of self-esteem. Don't give up. There are options available to help millions of homeowners resuce themselves from the brink. Since it is crucial to act before foreclosure takes place, now is the most important time for you to review your options and solutions. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I am trained in assessing all foreclosure alternatives and pursuing the best soluton for your own personal financial situation. 

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As I was going thru a painful foreclose. She came like an Angel from the Sky and short sale my home fast!!!!!! I was amazed of her skills and knowledge of the market. She is truly a professional and a passionate realtor . I Always be grateful to her for getting me out of this deep hole. ~Samuel Rivera