A Helping Hand

"After 2 realtors prolonged a shortsale. She stepped in and got it done in just over a month. Very knowledgable. Other two didnt know how. But she negotiated with lendor and buyer and now i am out of debt for that house. Thank you."

- Satisfied in Elgin OK


"Jeannine worked with me for my first house I bought in Lawton in 2011. I was scared to death at the time since it was my first experience but Jeannine literally went out of her way to make me feel comfortable with the whole process. She truly knew her stuff. If anyone was to purchase a home in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area, I would recommend Jeannine hands down. She is the best there is!"

- Greg, Lawton, Ok


"Jeannine's ablitiy to explain the process and all the hurdles that might come before us was excellent and far more than what we expected. She worked through two ice storms and ensured that our concerns and wishes were conveyed to the Seller's agent. Jeannine's knowledge of the system, was remarkable. She led us through every document line by line to ensure we understood what we were signing and assured us that she worked for us and only us when it came to purchasing this property. Jeannine was available any time day or night to answer questions. She kept us updated by email and phone calls through the process; sometimes I would receive emails as late as 10 pm or a phone call at 9 pm just to be filled in on the progress."

- Robert, Lawton, OK


"I loved working with Jeannine. Buying our first home was less intimidating working with her. I'd recommend her to family and friends."

- Tori , Lawton, OK

Friendly & Knowledgeable

"Jeannine, helped me buy my home and I would not ever again go thru anyone but her. She went out of her way no matter what time of day or what day of the week it was.. She knows her stuff very well and is the most friendly person to work with... Not only is she now my realtor for life she is my neighbor and life long friend...Thank you Jeannine I would recommend her to everyone to help them buy a home..."

- Karen, Taupa OK


"Jeannine was there for me and family while we were still located in Germany. She helped from afar. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Don't buy a home unless you talk with Jeannine!"

- Alexandra , Lawton, OK

Go To Girl

"Best expertise ever!!! she helped me before closing and after the closing!!! Very nice to know people still care!! She is the best!!!! When we buy our next house she is our go to girl!! If you are looking to buy a house call Jeannine Mitchell she will go out of her way to make sure you get the best deal!!!"

- Gary, Lawton OK


"Jeannine was recommended by Casey Glenn. We give her a 10 for staying on top of things to get things done to our satisfaction. I recommend her to anyone."

- Dustin & Rebecca, Cache, OK

Short Sale

"Jeannine short sold my house and she did everything she had to do to make sure the house was sold before foreclosure. She got the house sold while I was out of state and not able to deal with the house. She took care of everything for me to include signing all documents at closing. Thank you."

- Shane, Lawton OK


"Jeannine was a true pleasure to work with. She was honest and transparent; and dedicatd to getting us in the right home. I would recommend her without reservation."

- Jason, Lawton, OK


"Jeannine is a great realtor. She spent countless hours working for my husband and I, helping us to find our first home. She knew her job well and provided us with a great service. She dedicated a great amount of her personal time as well as weekends to give us what we were looking for; never once complaining. She also helped my daughter with buying her first home. She is a true professional and I would highly recommend you adding her to your team."

- Lesia, Lawton, OK

True Professional

"I have worked with Jeannine for over 5 years. She is a consummate professional. She has a very high knowledge of the real estate business/industry. She is always timely in returning phone calls. She works closely with all of her clients to make sure they get their home closed without any problems. She is an absolute pleasure to work with."

- Casey, Lawton OK

With You Every Step

"Jeannine has been right there with us the whole way through 3 properties being sold as a necessity in a time where we really needed someone to rely on. With her expertise and commitment we have been able to move out of state knowing that the 3 properties are being taken care of by the best in the area"

- Cody, Lawton OK