The Oklahoma Short Sale process is complicated and must be done correctly in order for the results to work out in the best interest of the Homeowner. For this reason, many Lenders require that the Homeowner be represented by a licensed real estate agent. Jeannine has assisted over 40 families through the Short Sale process, negotiating with the Lenders for a successful sale. She has helped buyers and sellers alike. In those cases where no offers were forthcoming on a property, Jeannine continued to assist the family through a Deed in Lieu. Jeannine is a qualified Realtor, professionally trained to assist in addressing the best course of action for Homeowners facing financial hardships concerning their home mortgage. Jeannine deals with every unique family situation with the utmost care and compassion. Her hope is to provide options to help navigate the emotional challenges and financial difficulties of these times.

As I was going thru a painful foreclose. She came like an Angel from the Sky and short sale my home fast!!!!!! I was amazed of her skills and knowledge of the market. She is truly a professional and a passionate realtor . I Always be grateful to her for getting me out of this deep hole. ~Samuel Rivera